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Wash & Wax Your Automobile's Exterior Finish This Spring

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Springtime is here or will soon be here for your automotive product ? be it car, truck, van or SUV. Are car washes and a good application of a car finish a good idea for that spring automotive cleanup ? or do you heed the advice of some long time automotive body experts and ?avoid that polish? and that you will take off the ?finish? with that polish ?

It can be best said and summarized that in spite of what are considered by some in the trade as negligible technological advances that have been made in the areas of paint quality and auto finish wax composition that exterior car care remains both a contentious as well as very personal and deeply debated area of car care ? so reports experienced automotive consultant William Simpson after much research and travel across North America. From as far afield as Winnipeg Canada to Key Largo Florida auto paint surface cleaning and the roles and applications of auto wax finish products remains almost a contentious issue.

It can be said that often the main beneficiaries of a solid two hour wax job are the manufacturer of the auto wax and cleaner product and the waxer themselves and little other. What should be remembered about a springtime washing and waxing routine?

First of all that most factory car finishes tend to oxidize (that is to become dull), after a while. It?s a fact of life. If you own an automotive product, it is only a matter of time and exposure to the elements that the paint will become dull. It is not if ? it?s only when. A polish removes the oxidized paint. After all that dirty film left over on your cleaning rag is simply that oxidized paint. On the other hand an auto finish wax protects that newly cleaned finish. Read the label. Many modern automotive cleaning car products are a combination ? that is a mixture and combination of both a wax product as well as the cleaning product vehicle. Take the time to read the label carefully. It may be in so small print that it amazes you and you may almost need a magnifying glass. It may be a combination product ? that is both wax and cleaner components mixed together. It may be a cleaning product only. Or it may not be a cleaning product but only the wax product ? simply and singly by itself. If you want to do a good and proper thorough job in cleaning and protecting your vehicle take the time to read the label carefully. If it?s only a cleaning compound ? then you have not protected your auto?s finish. If it?s only a wax compound, then you are almost sealing your pride and joy complete with a dull finish intact. It?s like protecting and preserving a damaged and impaired item. The entire better to aggravate you when you look at and present your vehicle to others. You have to both clean and then preserve that carefully prepared finish.

If you have a combination cleaning and wax product ? well. If you have a cleaning product only ? then purchase and fully cover your car?s finish well with a wax product. If it?s a wax product only, as listed on the label, but does not have a cleaning ingredients and function ? then purchase and carefully clean your vehicle with an automotive finish cleaning product as well.

Its all well worth the effort in your spring cleaning of your vehicles exterior finish.

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