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Gas prices got you down? Save a buck or two with these easy tips

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We're used to our freedom. Let's face it: we Americans are used to getting out and about without worrying too much about how much it costs to do so. Ever since the fuel crisis days of the seventies, in fact, gasoline has been an expense we haven't had to think about, let alone something that has forced us to change our driving habits just to save a buck or two. Those days are sure over.

And that buck or two? Today, with gas prices settling in at more than $3 a gallon, it adds up to a fairly significant difference. It's simple: How we drive and how well we care for our vehicles can improve our fuel efficiency, which directly saves us money at the local gas station. Call it conservation on wheels -- or just smart motoring -- but the payoff by adhering to these simple tenets is like getting the gasoline equivalent of a good driver discount from your insurance company. Sure, you should drive that way anyway, but it's nice when you get to save a little cash for doing it anyway:

  • Use the Right Octane

  • Properly Inflate Tires

  • Maintain Your Ride

  • Slow Down!

  • Go Cruisin'

  • Drive Light

  • Ease Up on the A/C

  • Close Your Windows

  • Leave the Tailgate Up

  • Avoid Idling

  • Check out the links to your left for advice about how to save gas by following these ten tips, and why it matters. In addition, keep in mind a few other smart driving techniques, such as avoiding gridlock and planning errands. It's all about using less fuel to get to where you want to go, whether it's work, errands or a nice long summer vacation.

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